Boys Varsity Football · 20 Year Coaching Veteran Dean Lasley to lead the Redmen Football Program

The Parma Redmen Athletic Department announces the hiring of Dean Lasley as Head Varsity Football Coach.  Lasley, a 20 year social studies teacher at PSH, has been on the Redmen Football staff for 18 years including a 2-year stint as head coach.  He has served in various other roles as well, including Defensive Coordinator, Special Teams Coordinator and as a position coach during his almost 2 decades on the Redmen football staff.  He also coached 2 seasons at Baldwin-Wallace University.

Lasley was an all-conference Defensive back in high school and was a three-year letter winner and two-year starter at Baldwin-Wallace.  He was a starter on the 1994 Ohio Athletic Conference Championship Yellow Jacket team and served as captain his Senior season of 1995.

Parma Athletic Director Ryan Madison states that the Redmen football staff has been more than just a coaching staff over the past 20 years.  “Our staff really has become a family. We have a core group of coaches who truly bleed the Redmen scarlet and gray…coaches who “cut their teeth” together in this profession at PSH in the 1990’s and have coached together ever since.”  Along with these coaching veterans, the Redmen staff has good young coaches who add youthful enthusiasm and a fiery passion to the program. Several of those are PSH grads who have returned to their alma mater. Madison is excited to “keep the helm of the program in the family” and provide stability and a familiar face to the kids.  “Kids thrive on consistency and continuity…we felt it was important to maintain our family environment in our program. “

“It’s great that we were able to maintain continuity and stay within the Parma family. However, players will see my personality and expectations stamped on this team” Lasley stated.

“Continuity is important.  At the same time, we realize that unless we are state champions, that we have unfinished business to attend to. To reach our goals, our program has to evolve and improve and our coaches need to look for ways to spark this change. We need to re-charge the battery so to speak” said Madison.  Along with 20 years of football coaching knowledge and expertise, Lasley brings an attitude of toughness, discipline and a hard-nosed focus with him.  He is a coach that is passionate and no-nonsense and brings what he and his long time coaching colleague Rob Cyr call the Tough Parma Kids “TPK” mind set to the program.

The 2013 Redmen goal line stand vs Valley Forge

Madison lamented about one memorable time when this tough hard-nosed attitude and mentality was perfectly demonstrated by the Coach Lasley led Redmen back in 2013. In our football game against Valley Forge, the Redmen battled against current Purdue University running back Richard Worship, who was a 250 pound bruising battering ram at running back.  With the game on the line, the Patriots had first and goal inside the Redmen 10 yard line.  On 3 consecutive plays, the Redmen stopped Worship to set up one of the greatest moments in the Redmen-Patriot rivalry series. On 4th down and inches…the Redmen defense stepped up and held the line stopping Worship short of the goal line to win the game. This game was a perfect example of the mental and physical toughness and attitude that Lasley wants the football program to be exemplified by.

“Football is a hard nose game that is played by tough guys. We need to be old school in our approach. I feel that’s how we can succeed against the teams in our conference” said Lasley.

“We are very pleased to be able to keep the football program in the “family.”  Most of our current coaches will remain on staff, but some will be in new roles.  Our staff has always been a quality staff.  One thing I hear frequently from other AD’s and football coaches is that our football staff is top notch…that the coaches always get the most out of our players and put them in the best positon to succeed.  Losing Bruce Saban’s offensive mind and his compassion and heart is something that will be terribly difficult to replace, but we feel that we will put the best staff together for our kids to achieve success on the field and in life” stated Madison.

Lasley states that “Coach Saban has been a friend and colleague for many years. He has been an integral part of the Parma community and will always be a part of Parma football.”

Coach Lasley and his staff have a tough task ahead of them, having only 5 months to get the Redmen prepared for the start of the 2018-19 season.  There is no doubt that win or lose, the Redmen will exemplify the “TPK-Tough Parma Kids” mantra that Lasley and Cyr embrace.

When asked to describe what the Redmen football program will look like under his leadership, Lasley stated “High Expectation…High Accountability…Character and Discipline…Mentally and Physically tough…Well Conditioned…we will play like Tough Parma Kids!”