Boys Varsity Track, Track · Track and Field Senior Spotlight- Danny Pajestka



100m, 200m, 400m, Spring Relays

Favorite Event and Why?

I love the adrenaline rush of the 100 for the reason being that everyone watches this one event. You get to see the pure speed and athleticism of great track athletes.

Most Proud Moment of Track and Field

Being able to represent my school to the best of my abilities , being able to learn from my mistakes and strive to be the greatest.

 Best Memory from Track and Field

The bus rides! No matter where we were going or who we were facing, the bus would always be bumpin’ with good vibes!

Future Plans

I plan on attending the Air Force after high school for mechanics!

Shout Outs and Words to be Remembered by

I’d like to shout out my mom for always being at my meets and giving me hope in times of doubt. Some great words I always remind myself of are “if you woke up without a goal,  go back to sleep”. Don’t waste your opportunities on small things. Look at the bigger picture!