Redmen News · Parma wrestlers finish a great week of wrestling at Mentor.

The Parma wrestlers finished their week on a high note as they went 2-1 at the Mentor quad on Saturday.  Thank you Mentor Athletics for hosting this event.

Here are the Parma Redmen results:

Parma 54             Ashtabula St.John’s 18

106: Tupa (Parma) Forfeit (St. John’s)
113: Double Forfeit
120: Fuentes (St. John’s) fall L. Oravec (Parma)
126: Colon (Parma) fall Llamas (St. John’s)
132: Cathcart (St. John’s) fall Byrd (Parma)
138: A. Oravec (Parma) Forfeit (St. John’s)
145: Double Forfeit
152:  Devera (Parma) Forfeit (St. John’s)
160: C. Smith (Parma) Forfeit (St. John’s)
170: Dachtler (Parma) Forfeit (St. John’s)
182: Yon (Parma) Forfeit (St. John’s)
195: Germ (Parma) Forfeit (St. John’s)
220: Leslie (Parma) Forfeit (St. John’s)
285: Elrod (St. John’s) fall A. Smith (Parma)

Parma 24.           Mentor  55

106: Stopko (Mentor) Forfeit (Parma)
113: Blackburn (Mentor) Forfeit (Parma)
120: Ricco (Mentor) fall L. Oravec (Parma)
126: Colon (Parma) fall LaManna (Mentor)
132: Byrd (Parma) fall Webb (Mentor)
138: Kemeliotis (Mentor) fall A. Oravec (Parma)
145: Fumic (Mentor) Forfeit (Parma)
152:  Devera (Parma) fall Clark (Mentor)
160: Holloway (Mentor) decision C. Smith (Parma)
170: Splete (Mentor) tech fall Dachtler (Parma)
182: Alesci (Mentor) fall Yon (Parma)
195: Germ (Parma) fall Smelcer (Mentor)
220: Compton (Mentor) injury default Leslie (Parma)
285: Colao (Mentor) fall A. Smith (Parma)

Parma 43.          Ashtabula Lakeside – 27

106: Eland (Lakeside) fall Tupa (Parma)
113: Double Forfeit
120: L. Oravec (Parma) Forfeit (Lakeside)
126: Colon (Parma) fall Briggs (Lakeside)
132: Byrd (Parma) fall Orsulic(Lakeside)
138: Wannett (Lakeside) fall A. Oravec (Parma)
145: Donahue (Lakeside) Forfeit (Parma)
152:  Devera (Parma) fall Guevara (Lakeside)
160: C. Smith (Parma) fall Huntsberger (Lakeside)
170: Dachtler (Parma) fall  DiSalvatore (Lakeside)
182: Yon (Parma) decision Allen (Lakeside)
195: Siebeneck (Lakeside) decision Germ (Parma)
220: Scaine (Lakeside) Forfeit (Parma)
285: A. Smith (Parma) fall Sy (Lakeside)