About PSH Athletics

Mr. Madison is in his 16th year as Athletic Director at Parma Sr. High.  He  has served the PCSD community as a teacher, coach and A.D. for 30 years.  He has taught Social Studies at Shiloh Middle School and Parma High School and has coached football, wrestling and track at Shiloh Middle School, Greenbriar Middle School, Normandy High School and at Parma Sr High where he has spent the last 21 years.  Mr. Madison is a product of the Parma City Schools and has resided in Parma his entire life. His wife Rena is a teacher at Shiloh Middle School and they have three children who have all been student-athletes in the PCSD.

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Philosophy and Mission Statement of Parma Redmen Athletics

Mr. Madison created our philosophy and mission statement to provide our stakeholders a foundation of what we believe is the mission or purpose of our athletic program.  It is important for all stakeholders to keep this mission in mind at all times as it provides us a philosophy to use as a guide.
 It is the mission of the PSH Athletic Department to provide an opportunity through athletic participation for our student-athletes to learn the character traits and life skills necessary to prepare them for success in all facets of life. These include commitment and dedication, time management, goal setting, self-discipline, work ethic, perseverance, leadership, teamwork and sportsmanship. Athletics is an extension of the academic program and provides motivation for our student-athletes to achieve in the classroom and on the field of play.  We want our student-athletes to have a safe, positive experience. We encourage participation…the more participants involved the better. We want to provide the opportunity for our student-athletes to grow within their sport physically, mentally and emotionally to reach their full potential and compete at a high level. Wins are not as important as the overall experience had.  With this said, success, especially at the varsity level is important and it is expected that the coach does all that they can within the established rules to field a highly competitive team. We also expect our coaches to work cooperatively together to create a culture that is committed to developing the multi-sport student-athlete.

The Goals of the PSH Athletic Department

1) Develop a comprehensive k-12 program
2) Develop the STUDENT-athlete.
3) Develop the Student-ATHLETE.
4) Develop the Educator-Coach.
5) Increase participation in our athletic programs.
6) Improve school spirit and atmosphere.
7) Increase family, community and alumni support.
8) Recognize and encourage athletic excellence.
9) Improve the athletic facilities and equipment.
10) Generate revenue through fund raising to help us reach these goals.

The Parma Redmen have 21 varsity sports and 37 teams.  We are members of the Great Lakes Conference and the Greater Cleveland High School Hockey League.  Parma Sr. is an OHSAA Division  I school in all sports but football where we are Division II.