Honoring the History and Traditions of Parma High Athletics

When I became Athletic Director at PSH in 2005, one of my first priorities was to restore the rich athletic tradition and history of our beloved school.  For too many years, the historical legacy of our sports programs went unnoticed by too many people. Unfortunately, there was very little record of the history of  our athletic achievements. After years of research and reaching out to many of the long time fixtures of PSH, I was able to compile many of the records and athletic achievements of the PSH athletic greats.  This task was daunting to say the least, with our history tracing back nearly one hundred years from the Parma Ridge era to the Parma Schaaf era to the current Parma Senior era. In the past 12 years, I have completed the following projects that have honored our rich athletic tradition:

-Researched and compiled a historical record of athletic achievements by PSH athletes including State qualifiers and placers, All-Ohio recipients, League MVP’s and Team Conference Champions.

-Created the Athletic Honor Hall (located in the gym hallway) that honors the League championship teams and the Wall of All-Ohio/State Placers and Qualifiers in our school’s history.

-Created the PSH Athletic Hall of Fame.  We have inducted 70 former Redmen greats thus far into our prestigious hall. The Athletic Hall of Fame is located in the gym hallway.

-Created the Mr. and Ms. Redmen Senior Athlete of the Year Awards which are displayed in the Athletic Honor Hall in the gym hallway.

– Displayed School Record Boards for Teams that have established school records. Record Boards are hung in the athletic honor hall.

-Displayed wall banners honoring our team championships and State level athletes and teams in our gymnasium.

Many thanks to PSH Alumni members  Tony Demarco, Bob Boulton, Rich Fleming, Preston White, Nick Loya and Bruce Saban who have helped me along the way in compiling our athletic history. Thank you to the many other individuals along the way who have made me aware of a former athletic great that was not being recognized for their achievements. This is an ongoing project that no doubt will continue to evolve over the coming years.  We seem to learn more and more every year. For instance, through internet research, I recently learned of a State Runner-up tennis player from Parma High class of 1930! I actually found and purchased his picture on eBay! I hope you enjoy reviewing the compiled history of our athletic records and achievements as much as I have enjoyed researching it. I encourage you to make me aware of any omissions or errors in this compiled history.


Ryan J. Madison

Athletic Director